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We are a social enterprise with the sole aim of helping to improve inclusive play facilities for children

and families across the UK

"PiPA will be instrumental in ensuring that significant change can happen more quickly by raising awareness and supporting stakeholders in designing and installing inclusive and accessible play parks."

- Becky Maddern, PiPA Play Director

PiPA is the only tool to independently assess inclusive provision in outdoor play areas

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Our Aims

PiPA exists to empower the true meaning of inclusion, equality and diversity in play area design. Enabling everyone the same opportunity to play in a fun and safe environment, because all children need and have the right to play.

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The PiPA Accreditation is a standard based on studied and agreed outcomes from the design of areas of play and social interaction. It exists to drive a set of impartial guidelines, which deliver improved play provision for disabled children and their families.

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As the only independent tool available to evaluate all aspects of play design, it was endorsed by the UK government’s Accessible Britain Challenge and hailed as a best practice document for play area design by the British Design Council.

Play Design Consultation

We provide expert knowledge, guidance and support for anyone designing a new or upgrading existing play area.

“We were receiving an increasing number of enquiries regarding accessible equipment and so wanted to demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity. I found the PiPA Checklist invaluable in getting me to think about the issues people with disabilities of all sorts might face. It also has helped us to be aware of issues such as parking and distance from car parks which helps when deciding which play areas to focus our attentions on for inclusive play.”

Nicole Batten-Evatt CMLI, Landscape Architect Mid Sussex Council 

PiPA Checklist - Accreditation - Map

The PiPA Checklist can guide you on the choices to make during the design and planning process, with the goal of achieving a PiPA Accreditation status of Gold Bronze or Silver.

Awarded play areas are then added to the PiPA map.

“The process for PiPA accreditation challenged us to look at inclusivity and accessibility in a broader way and ultimately enhanced the design process to produce a better play facility. One of the main benefits is that inclusivity is designed in from the start and becomes invisible on site, truly allowing everyone to play together.” 

Ross Dunn, Play Services Manager & Play Imagineer North Lanarkshire Council

Audit Existing Play Provision

Assisting local authorities to improve play provision by providing an audit of all existing play areas. 

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