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PiPA Accreditation 

What is a PiPA Accreditation?

The PiPA accreditation process has been created to independently assess the design of a play area and the facilities available when visited.

Now managed as a community interest company, PiPA was first championed by Inclusive Play and created in collaboration with experts in the field of play and special needs. Consultation with disabled children's charity, KIDS, as well as Occupational therapists from both the UK and USA led endorsement from the UK Government's Accessible Britain Challenge and the UK Design Council hailing PiPA as the best practice in play area design.

How many PiPA Accreditation awards are there?

Play areas come in all shapes and sizes. The three levels of award, Gold, Silver or Bronze, recognizes that not all play areas can achieve the highest level due to budget, space, landscape restraints and community needs.

PiPA Accreditation Badge - Gold.png
PiPA Accreditation Badge - Silver.png
PiPA Accreditation Badge - Bronze.png

How do I achieve a PiPA Accreditation?

To attain a PiPA accreditation you must achieve a minimum score of 75% on the assessment across the 5 point system. The higher the score the status increases.

How can I add a play area to the PiPA Map?

Once accreditation is received the area is recognised and added to
the PiPA Play UK map. The map will provide detail of facilities available.

At which stage of planning a new or existing play area,
does the PiPA Accreditation process begin?

Here at PiPA Play, we can work with you from the start, through the design process or, you can submit your plans and designs for us to review.

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