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​Play is fundamental to a child’s development and wellbeing - playgrounds facilitate this.

  • There are over 1 million disabled children in the UK.

  • 50% of families with disabled children face accessibility problems with their local playground.

Source: Scope Charity, Let's Play Fair Campaign

The PiPA checklist - five point system

All children deserve a safe play area that works well for them and their families within a reasonable distance from their home. The PiPA Checklist can ensure play areas are independently assessed to meet the requirements for a PiPA accredited inclusive play area using the following five point system.

Plan to Go

Review of transport links

Plan to Play

Engaging the senses

Plan to Access

Path networks, safety considerations and signage

Plan to Rest & Recharge

Review of facilities

Plan to Engage

Detailing play area information 

PiPA Accreditation

We understand that play areas come in all shapes and sizes. The three levels of award; Gold, Silver or Bronze, recognises that not all play areas can achieve the highest aware due to budget, space, landscape restraints and community needs.

To attain a PiPA Accreditation you must achieve a minimum score of 75% on the assessment across the 5 point system. The higher the score the status increases.

Once accreditation is received the area is recognised and added to the PiPA Play UK map. The map will provide detail of facilities available.

PiPA Accreditation Badge - Gold.png
PiPA Accreditation Badge - Silver.png
PiPA Accreditation Badge - Bronze.png
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